What Is Professional Coaching

by Kev McCabe

Imagine you are embarking on a safari - a journey into the wild and unknown. A safari is like your personal growth and life’s journey, filled with challenges, discoveries, and opportunities.

As with any safari you will need a guide and in coaching this is your coach. Just like a safari guide knows how to navigate the terrains and navigate the wild. A coach has the knowledge and tools to guide you through the complexities of the challenges you may have. They do not lead you, but rather support you in finding your way.

In a safari you will come across varying landscapes from jungles to savannas. This can symbolise the different challenges and experiences you have experienced. Your coach helps you navigate these terrains, offering perspectives and strategies to tackle them effectively.

On your safari you will encounter a range of wildlife, being both opportunities and obstacles in your journey. A coach helps you in recognising and harnessing these opportunities and overcoming or circumventing them. Just as a map guides you through the safari, setting goals and making plans is crucial in coaching. Your coach helps you chart a course that aligns with your values and aspirations.

The safari jeep helps to traverse the terrains like the tools and techniques that a coach will use.

While on the safari you will take time to observe and reflect on the beauty and lessons of nature. Similarity, in coaching there is a strong focus on self-reflection, gaining insights about yourself and understanding how one’s actions change their journey.

During a safari you need to have adaptability to changing conditions and unexpected events, coaching encourages you to be flexible, learn from experiences and grow from challenges.

In summary, coaching is like a guided safari adventure – it is a journey of exploration and self-discovery, where the coach supports and empowers you to navigate life’s challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Let us take you on your own personal safari.

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