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by Kev McCabe

Although for the last few years I’ve been doing roles within the IT space as an Agile Coach. The coaching element in the my role wasn’t to the level of a personal & business coach would be. From this I decided to take the Barefoot Coaching course which is ICF PCC acreddited course.

Our Accredited Coach Training Programme (Level 2) is regarded as the gold-standard of coach training by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Once completed it provides successful candidates with the training hours required to apply to become a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF. This programme is also approved by the University of Chester to enable delegates to choose to go on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate through the University. It is delivered online via Zoom over a total of twenty-eight half days.

The course is made of:

  • Cohort of 10-15 people (ours was 10)
  • 28 Half-days of session over 4 months
    • 25 Half-days of interactive learning
    • 3 Group mentoring sessions
  • A massive reading list
  • 3 volunteer clients
    • 3 * 90 Minute Sessions OR
    • 6 * 45 Minute Sessions
  • Next Steps
    • Need 100 coaching hours to get ACC
    • Need 500 coaching hours to get PCC

Right from the start you’re thrown into doing coaching with other members of the cohort. I felt benefits right from the start.

Just like learning to drive, you’re taught how to pass the test and then you learn to drive in the real world. I’ve felt coaching to be the same, the more I do the better I will get.

With the course you do have the option to do an undergraduate with Chester University.

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